round pivotMechanized irrigation technology has changed the face of the earth. Literally. Aerial photos fifty years ago didn't show fields as they are today.Now the countryside, especially in the arid climates of the world, is dotted with circles. Areas that farmers never before would have dreamed of growing a crop are now as fruitful as any.Mechanized irrigation preserves our food supply, conserves our water, and just makes life easier and more profitable for those who grow the world's food.And let's talk profits. Typically, a grower will be able to pay for the machine within about three years, using increased profits. Pivots deliver higher yields. They use less labor, and pumping costs are often lower.

Valley® Center Pivots were the first mechanical move machines in the industry, and remain the best built. With multiple-function equipment, you can germinate, fertigate, chemigate and manage salinity through leaching. And practically any crop can be grown under a pivot, with crop clearances ranging from 1,85m – 5m, and drive units to meet crop and management needs.

Towable Pivots

Valley® Towable Pivots set the standard for the industry with our 8000 structure and computerized controls, all refined and field-proven to provide growers with the most economical way possible to begin using mechanized irrigation.

  • Easily irrigate 2- to 121.5-hectares
  • Maximize the investment by easily towing the machine between two, three or more fields
  • Each machine can be towed from one field to another in less than an hour
  • Choose from an on-board engine generator or public power supply
  • All four towable options allow the use of any of our pivot panel options

Compare Towable Pivots to Other Irrigation Methods:

  • Efficient time management
  • Irrigation scheduling versatility
  • Less labor-intensive
  • More precise water application
  • Less wind distortion
  • More chemical application flexibility